America’s Next Haunted Chef

Using the general frantic format of the last 60-120 seconds of Hell’s Kitchen, we tease you about what happens in the next episode of “America’s Next Haunted Chef”. The show uses contestants from a cattle call, people who have a little bit of cooking skill, and they compete in a series of haunted houses.

The sketch happens at the end of the episode that leaves us with four remaining contestants. There’s a lot of room for improvising, but here are some example moments:

“My cutting board is bleeding!”

There’s a cold spot in the oven. Show by having someone’s chicken browning nicely and then get pulled out totally frozen.

Someone mixing in a big bowl pulls out a bent spoon.

When the fridge is opened, we hear screaming.

Maybe there’s a Slimer-like phantasm in the pantry.

Michael is making risotto, and asks Carlo to check on it: “It’s maggots, Michael.”

In addition to the chef whites, all the contestants are wearing big crosses. One of them has a stake for vampires.

Someone blesses the sink, or one of the characters wins a big advantage and gets to use a big jug of holy water to cook with.

There are a couple big moments of poltergeist activity.

Someone has to feed a pack of hell hounds.

“She’s always cooking with garlic, it’s not America’s Haunted Garlic!”

“I wish this was a real confessional.”


  • the “drama queen” who’s only there to cause trouble
  • Female: the “crybaby”
  • a super-determined single parent
  • the punk rocker with hidden cooking talent

Participation is all generous volunteer-like.